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Tip: Track your body composition measurements while dieting and training

Should you rely on your home weight scale when exercising and/or dieting? No, and here's why.

During a long period of continuous training, especially a combination of strength training and increased muscle mass, our body weight may rise despite our fat percentage decreasing and feeling thinner.

(Measuring body fat percentage to Novak Djokovic)

It is important to understand that muscle tissue weighs three times more than fat tissue!

So, you may feel like you are losing weight while the numbers on the scale remain constant or even rise. In these cases, do not rely on the measurement of weight! Measure the body fat percentages for reliable feedback.

To see changes in the adipose tissue (fat) when training and dieting, measure your body fat percentage at least once a month. That way you will know you are on the right path to building muscle and reducing fat, despite the numbers on the scale.

I highly recommend combining body fat percentage measurements as part of your nutrition program to you know if you're on the right path or need to alter your nutritional guidelines.

In my clinic, I measure the body fat percentages with a skinfold caliper in four places on the body. The measurements are easy and painless and give my clients good feedback on their progress.

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