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Top five foods for burning belly fat!

Many people dream of having a flat stomach, especially heading into summer time. Reduced circumference and smaller clothing size are just a couple benefits of a flat belly.

Abdominal fat is considered the most dangerous type of fat in terms of health. That is why flattening your belly is no longer just for aesthetic purposes; it is a health risk you should take seriously.

Sometimes, choosing the right kind of food can help you burn more fat in your abdominal area and achieve that flat belly.

The 5 most recommended foods for burning belly fat:

  1. Green tea Green tea is a “superfood” and is known to be important for weight loss. A study published on 2009 in the Journal of Nutrition found that a constant dose of antioxidant-rich green tea, which includes catechin, may specifically reduce abdominal fat when combined with exercise and dieting. Recommended daily amount: 3 cups.

  2. Olive oil Studies show some of the fatty acids found in olive oil (MUFA) promote satiety and reduce daily caloric intake, which is very helpful for weight loss, especially when the goal is to decrease belly fat. Adding olive oil to your menu may help you control food portions and promote efficient fat utilization to reduce abdominal fat.

  3. Almonds Studies have found a link between regular consumption of almonds and a reduction in the risk of many diseases. Also, studies over the years have shown that people who regularly consumed almonds did not gain weight! The reason is eating almonds supplies a healthy kind of fat, but reduces overall daily caloric intake. This is because almonds create a sense of satiety and allow for healthy weight loss.

  4. Adzuki beans The adzuki bean is rich in protein and fiber and has a low glycemic index. A 2013 study published in Obesity Journal found that a diet based on low glycemic foods rich in dietary fiber led to an 11% greater reduction in abdominal fat. Another study, published in Duke Medicine Health News in 2011 recommends daily consumption of a cup of beans to reduce abdominal fat.

  5. Salmon For healthy weight loss, it is important to incorporate high-protein foods and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon meets both recommendations. It satisfies but is not heavy to digest. It is recommended to consume two servings per week. Make sure to purchase wild caught salmon (rather than farm raised) to ensure the presence of omega-3.

Healthy eating that reduces abdominal fat can be tasty and satisfying if you know which kinds of foods to choose. Help your body to lose fat and be healthier by making smart nutritional choices.

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