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How can I teach my kinds not to eat in front the T.V/Screen?

When we eat, we need our senses to focus on the food; taste, smell and to look at the food. Studies have shown that when a child is not looking at the food while he eats, for example watching TV. On those situations, the kid will eat too much, and will not be aware of his sense of study. In recent year, there is a growing connection between children’s eating habits in front of a screen and the risk for obesity.

Teach your child that when they eat, all their attention should be on the food! To reach this goal, set a few rules at your house:

  • We all eat only around the table.

  • We don’t eat in the living room.

  • We don’t eat in bed

  • We don’t eat in front of the TV, computer, or tablet/iPad.

  • We don’t use your phone during meals (calling, texting, internet).

The rules apply to everyone in the family! If you want to set the new set of rules for healthy eating in the house, the rule applies for the parents and the children. You will not be able to maintain the rules if you and your partner will not respect the rules. Yes, building healthy eating habits in the family is for every member of the family. Think about the massage you are sending the kids when you act different than what you demand from them.

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