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Why the “family meal” is so important?  how many times a week?

We all want to help our children to grow up healthy. Eating habits have a hug impact on their health and growth protentional. The “family meal” is very important setting to teach your child healthy eating habits and making smart food chooses. Eating together sends a message that food is important for the whole family; children and parents.

Food at the family meal is not just the nutrition and the energy for the body at this day. It is could affect so many aspects of your child lifestyle in present and in the future. Studies show that high frequency of family meals is correlated with:

  • Better eating habits

  • Better food quality choices

  • For children, more exposure and willingness to try new foods

  • Lower risk for obesity

  • Wider vocabulary

What is a “Family meal”?

Family meal- at least one of the parents sit with the child and eat with him. That why, even if the parent plans to eat their dinner at a later time, it is important to sit with the child and eat, even something small.

How many times a week? According to recent studies, a family meal should be shared at least 3 times per week.

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