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How can I encourage my child to taste new foods?

Tasting new foods means change, and that can be scary for children who typically love routine! Many children are very suspicious when a new food is offered to them and have a natural reaction to refuse it. According to studies, you need to present a new food 10-16 times before a child will agree to taste it. Don’t give up after trying 2-3 times, even if the child refuses to taste it.

Continue offering it until he gets used to it being present, feels comfortable enough to taste it and may even eat bigger portions. Try offering the new food prepared in different ways: fresh, cooked, grilled, shaped (think cookie cutters) and more. For example, carrots taste very different when served fresh versus cooked (sweeter taste). Make sure the food is presented in a way that is appealing to a child. Whatever you do, don’t expect him to eat a large portion from the start. Even tasting or eating a small bit of the new food is a great start.

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