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Pregnancy Nutrition Consultation

Pregnancy health includes weight control, foods for each stage (and which to avoid) and smart supplement guidelines.

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. Maintaining nutrition during pregnancy is important to help the body produce a healthy baby and keep the mother feeling well.

A healthy lifestyle is also a major part of being pregnant. You don’t need to make drastic life changes; just be mindful of your body's needs.  I will show you how to do it correctly and effectively for you and your baby.

I focus on helping my pregnant clients understand the ongoing changes in their bodies, and how to maintain their nutritional level and healthy lifestyle throughout all nine months.  

The nutritional consultation for pregnancy will help you to get all the right answers to your questions, and make sure they are suited for you.

 I will focus on these nutritional topics in our session:

  • Healthy weight gain: How much to gain in each stage of the pregnancy, and in total.

  • Dealing with side effects: How to consume certain foods in order to reduce/prevent pregnancy's side effects.

  • Supplementation: Which supplements should you take? How do you choose?

  • Foods to avoid: Which kinds of foods to avoid during the pregnancy and why.

  • Drinks: Is it safe to consume coffee or alcohol? How much water should you drink?

  • Glucose control: Special menu to control glucose levels according to your blood test, helping to mitigate the risk of gestational diabetes.

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