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Analyze Blood Tests

Blood tests can be used to track your nutrition profile and health problems, helping to pave the way to better nutritional guidelines and supplement choices.

Nutrition and exercise are important for controlling and promoting health and managing disease. But how can you gain accurate knowledge about your metabolic condition and overall health?


Blood tests help you understand what is going on inside your body. ​ According to markers in your test results, I will present guidelines personalized to your needs and goals.

Health aspects that could be addressed by analyzing blood tests:

  • Overall nutritional situation

  • Cholesterol & lipoprotein levels

  • Glucose levels

  • Nutritional deficiencies (vitamin B12, iron, calcium, etc.)

  • Supplementation needs


Analyzing blood test results is an integral part of the first nutrition consultation. Therefore, it may be the primary focus of the entire initial session.

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