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First Nutrition consulting

Your initial consultation includes a health assessment, measurements, personal menu design and guidelines for healthy living.

First session (60-90 min) - Personal menu, measurements and guidelines to improve eating habits.

Your nutrition consultation is a wonderful opportunity to see how I can help you improve your health and eating habits to achieve your personal goals. I will help you to make the right nutritional choices to feel more energetic and improve your overall quality of life.


Personal Menu

Building your personal menu is the first and most important step to improve your health and eating habits. I will tailor your menu based on your scheduling obstacles and dietary preferences (your likes and dislikes).


As your nutritionist, I will not deprive you of what you want, nor will I tell you to eat foods you don’t like. I will incorporate the foods you like as well as determine the appropriate serving sizes based on the times of day you tend to eat.


Even small nutritional changes can make a big difference in your body shape and the way you feel throughout the day. No more energy drops, sweet cravings or mindless eating!


What to bring to the first session?*

  • Food log- A three-day food log gives me good insight into your daily eating habits and helps help me understand your daily obstacles.

  • Blood test results- Please bring a copy of your latest blood tests to the first session (within the last 12 months). If you are unable to provide results for any reason, I can send you a list of the types of tests I recommend.

  • Supplements & medicines- If you take any medications or supplements, please bring them in the original packaging, or send photos by email.

  • Training program- If you are currently training with a coach/team and/or follow a specific training program, please bring your training program documents to the first session. Also, if you are preparing for a competition, please bring the competition schedule.


*Note: If possible, please send me your information via email prior to our first session. This allows me time to prepare for our session.

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